February 25, 2010

New Blog!

Hi, just letting you know that I now have a brand spanking new blog. So don't bother coming back here again. Check it out here: blog.benadams.com.au

February 07, 2010


My blogging has been abysmal lately! But just wanted to direct you to our travel blog http://bensarahsexcellentadventure.blogspot.com/ . We are currently shooting in Arica for a few weeks for Compassion Australia, we spent 2 weeks in Kenya, and now we are in Ethiopia for a week. Will be back blogging many many weddings asap......

October 14, 2009

Narelle + Lee Engagement

So getting back home after being away for 10 weeks has been quite a mission. Many many engagement shoots to do and weddings to knock over. Fun fun!

Narelle & Lee are good friends of ours, Narelle works at Compassion with my wife, so we are very excited to be shooting these guys wedding next weekend! Its always that much more fun shooting a wedding when you are friends with the couple.

We headed down to one of my favourite spots at Glenrock. Please click here to see the whole shoot www.benadams.com.au/stories/narelle+lee/

We're Back! For a little while anyway....

So we have been back home for a few weeks now and I have a stack of stuff to get up on this blog. We had an amazing time, and I hope to be able to share a whole heap of images from our trip very soon! (Hopefully on a new website I am in the process of making...). Anyway I hope you enjoyed our travel blog, it was a lot of fun to do, and we can't wait for our next trip which is to Kenya in January!

July 18, 2009

Our Travel Blog

Hey! It's been a while for a new post on here, that's mainly because I am currently in the middle of Borneo! I would like to direct you to our travel blog http://bensarahsexcellentadventure.blogspot.com/ . I probably won't have time/couldn't be bothered to blog on my photo blog and the travel blog, and the wife really wanted to do a travel blog - so go and check it out!

We are in Borneo for a month hanging out at an amazing orphange in the middle of nowhere, then we are off to Jakarta for a month shooting stories for Compassion and Oxfam, which will be awesome! Then heading to Tokyo for a couple of weeks.


July 07, 2009

Janet & Ben

So I have pretty much just been shooting thousands of engagement sessions lately! Life has been really hectic as we go overseas in 3 days for a 10 week trip (will blog more about that later). So we have just been getting ready for the wedding season for when we return!

Janet & Ben are an awesome couple, heaps of fun. Click here to see more www.benadams.com.au/stories/janet+ben/

Chris & Sarah

Click here for the shoot

Lisa & Mark

Click here for the shoot www.benadams.com.au/stories/lisa+mark/

June 24, 2009

Adeline & Adam

I love it when my clients pick an awesome location that I have not seen or shot at, I get really excited and makes it all so fresh! This shoot was actually done at the Newcastle Uni, I studied there for a year and I never new about the 'Scobie Heath Wetlands', I shall definetly be shooting there again!

These guys also both studied here and they actually didn't meet till 2 years after they finished. They met at a dance class, pretty cool! Anyway they discovered that they studied at the same time, in the same area of uni, and they would have walked past each other all the time, so we did a little 're-inactment' on the bridge in our shoot!
Click on the link to see more: www.benadams.com.au/stories/adeline+adam

June 18, 2009

Brooke & Grant

Perfect light + Amazing location + Hot couple

You can't go wrong with that! Easily one of my favourite shoots to date.

Click on the link to see the whole shoot www.benadams.com.au/stories/brooke+grant

June 17, 2009

Sarah's Bday

My hot wife had her birthday on the weekend, so we partied it up! We had a whole day of eating planned, but only just made it through to lunch with that. . . . stuffed ourselves silly!

Anyway here are some photos of our fun and frivolities www.benadams.com.au/stories/sarahs+bday

June 16, 2009


I shoot the Brewery's gigs now, usually way past my bedtime, but its a lot of fun. I had never heard of TrueLive before, cause I don't follow/like hiphop music, but these guys were awesome! Thought I would stick up some pics online of the gig.

Tara & Boof

Got to photograph the lovely Tara & Boof all the way from the central west slopes and plains of Dubbo the other day! They are getting married in Newcastle later on in the year. I ruined Tara's straightened hair in the first 2 mins of the shoot by making them walk in the rain on the beach, I felt pretty bad. . . probably not the best idea as we were both fighting the flu!

Anyway click on the link to view the shoot: www.benadams.com.au/stories/tara+boof


Shot the band Kindred the other day. . . . . . was a lot of fun. Might try and shoot a heap more bands this year. Enables you to be a lot more creative and a lot less stressful than shooting weddings! The last shot there was shot with digital through my old 5x4 view camera.

Click here to see the shoot: www.benadams.com.au/stories/kindred

June 11, 2009

B B B B Brendan. . .

My good mate Brendan came around yesterday and we edited up a whole heap of his photos from Madagascar. Brendan is doing amazing work over there! Check it out here. Brendan also aspires to be a male model one day, so we went out and had some fun getting some shots for his portfolio! . . . . haha not.

So click here if you want to see more of Brendan, emphasis on want. www.benadams.com.au/stories/brendan